Jason Bertrand and Jessica Daum

Engagement Info

December 4, 2015

Wedding Info

October 16, 2016

Clifton Park


Clifton Park


Jason's Parents

Cathy Bertrand

How We Met

We met at Market 32 in Clifton Park , got introduced to each other threw a mutual dear friend that recently passed away , we will honor his memory at our wedding ....

How We Got Engaged

We got engaged on December 4th and he put my ring under our 1st Christmas tree .

About the Ring

He picked it out , an amazing perfect 1 carat princess cut !

Our Shared Interests

We love to bike and explore the outdoors with our two dogs Candice and Casey .

Our Favorite Date Night

We love to go for long drives together and find little mom & pop places to grab a bite to eat .

What Part of the Wedding Are You Most Excited About?

We are most excited to have all our family together one place and our views at the venue during the fall are going to be amazing ! We both love that time of year ♡

Our Relationship in Three Words

Complete each other