Adam Hall and Nicole Marsh- Sivaslian

Engagement Info

May 23, 2015
Yorktown Maine

Wedding Info

October 7, 2016
Century House
Latham NY

Gilbertsville NY


Albany NY


Equipment Operator


Albany NY


Albany NY




Adam's Parents

Mike & Cindi Hall

Nicole 's Parents

Monica Marsh& Wayne Sivaslian

Modern bride

How We Met

We met at a Motorcross event in Unadilla NY. The groom was working for the Brides Uncle. After 1 year the Groom moved to Albany and went on his first date with Nicole and before you know it, they were in love.

How We Got Engaged

Yorktown Beach in Maine, the couple went for a walk on the beach.

About the Ring

Gorgeous square diamond. Picked it out all himself.

Our Shared Interests

We love to exercise together and watch tv together. If there is time the couple always pranks each other when they are not looking. The couple loves to cook together and travel as well.

Our Favorite Date Night

Going to a new place we have never been before.

What Part of the Wedding Are You Most Excited About?

For the bride , it would have to be the dress and the glam. For the groom he cannot wait for the party.

Our Relationship in Three Words

Happy Ever After