Steven Ide and Brittney Wrobel

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Engagement Info

December 25, 2015

Wedding Info

June 17, 2017

East Nassau,NY




steel laborer






stay-at-home mom


Steven's Parents

Orrin,Ellen Ide

Brittney 's Parents

Bernard,Maryellen Wrobel

How We Met

I had just moved to Morey Park Nassau,NY. I knew no one,but one by one everyone started to introduce themselves to me. After about a week of getting to know everyone I had gone over to one of the girl's house where I had seen Steven walking up the street not knowing his name. As he walked by the first thing I had took notice of was his soft baby blue eyes he smile and kept walking. A week later I got the chance to meet him and have a conversation with him he seems really nice. We became really close friends, telling each other everything over a course of a year. We were best friends for three years before I said yes to going steady with him.

How We Got Engaged

Now this past November 2015 Steven and I have been together for eight years. I had been discussing with Steven scenarios of what if's? It's been long enough and he took it upon himself to got out and pick out an engagement ring. It was on Christmas morning we all finished opening gifts at least I thought so and I was handed this gift bag. Steven had wrap the ring multiple times in different boxes and bags. It was so cute and the gift kept getting smaller and smaller until I finally reach this little box. Expecting it to be earrings I open the box to an amazement of this stunning ring. My eyes began to swell with tears of joy....and Steven began to choke up. We gathered up the rest of the family really quick including our six year old son. Steven then asked "will you marry me"? Of course I waited for this moment for a long time I did not hesitate my answer was "yes"!

About the Ring

It very unique and from his heart. I fell in love with it immediately. It's has an amazing setting it has a square in prongs holding nine diamonds. Around the square center of diamonds it looks like it's wrapped by two ribbons with diamonds in the ribbons as well. The ribbons lead into the band of diamonds. It so beautiful and so heart felt the reason I'm marrying him.

Our Shared Interests

Some of our favorite things to do as a couple is having a relaxing evening with maybe a little take out and a horror film. We also share the same interests in taken care of and caring for our six year old soon to been seven year old son of ours, other interests the love for animals, camping, family time, making ever lasting memories, back yard camp fires to make smores together and so much more we share the same.

Our Favorite Date Night

Our favorite date night for me was when we actually went to a movie theater date night. I'm not a big fam of the movie theaters I'd rather catch a movie and dinner together at home. It was very lovely and romantic. I keep my movie ticket stub in my scrap book. Steven's favorite date night of ours was when we went camping we had great food a few drinks went fishing the campground had a game room with a jukebox and pool table. What great nights of memories and to many more together in the future.

What Part of the Wedding Are You Most Excited About?

Truly for me it's everything from reuniting family to the time my shoes come off for the rest of the night. The groom says he can't wait for the after party and to party into the night.

Our Relationship in Three Words

Family is everything