Amy Kathleen Fitzpatrick and Russell Don Beatty

Engagement Info

Bethlehem, PA

Wedding Info

August 21, 2015
Woodstone Country Club
Danielsville, PA

Rotterdam NY


Nazareth, PA


Exercise Physiologist/Fitness Coordinator


Bath, PA


Nazareth, PA


Vice President of Beatty Contractors and Wreckers


Amy Kathleen's Parents

Tom and Janice Fitzpatrick

Russell Don 's Parents

Russ and Denise Beatty

How We Met

The couple met at the Nazareth YMCA. Amy was working as a group fitness instructor, and Russ was a member. Russ would go to the gym and pretend to workout, but he really had his eyes on her. She also couldn't help but notice the tall and handsome man using the fitness equipment. She of course said yes when he asked her to dinner, and even agreed to a second date after he got a parking ticket for parking illegally at the resaurant. They were together for 4 years before he proposed, and it's safe to say, he has a better handle on parking now.

How We Got Engaged

Russ took Amy to Mama Nina's for dinner, which was where they had their first date. After, they met their friends C.J. and Aneta, and did a carriage ride around North Bethlehem. Once the carriage ride was over, C.J. and Aneta got off and said they were going to take a picture of the couple. Once the picture was taken, Amy was about to get off the ride when Russ said "wait, one more!" He got down on one knee...and voila! She said yes!!

About the Ring

It's a vintage solitaire diamond that has been in the family for over one hundred years

Our Shared Interests

Take walks in Nazareth
Eat ice cream at Emilies
Try new restaurants

Our Favorite Date Night

Go to downtown Bethlehem to eat, eat, eat!

What Part of the Wedding Are You Most Excited About?

The wonderful venue for the ceremony, party and the chance for the two families to stay in the elegant lodge.

Our Relationship in Three Words

My rock