How to Outfit the Tiniest Wedding Attendants

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You’ve finally made the decision about whether the bridesmaids will all wear floor-length black or yellow polka dots, and if the groomsmen will sport tuxedos or tan suits and hats. But don’t forget about the attire for the tiny members of your wedding party – the flower girl and ring bearer.

General Guidelines

It’s very important that both the flower girl and ring bearer are dressed comfortably, says NYC-based wedding editor Anne Chertoff. “A little kid, even as old as 10, may act up if they aren’t comfortable in their clothes – too hot, too cold, too tight, too big, too itchy, et cetera.”

A bride’s best bet is to make sure the fabrics are seasonally appropriate and keep the outfit simple, adds Kasey Skobel-Conyers, owner and principal designer for Bliss Wedding & Event Design, Columbus, Ohio.

And don’t forget: Choose shoes with a rubber sole so that the tots are less likely to slip on their way down the aisle or out on the dance floor, Chertoff says.

Flower Girl Garb

Just as bridesmaids in sundresses would look out of place at a grand affair, you don’t want the flower girl’s attire to clash with your event’s formality. If you’re having a black-tie wedding, it makes sense to put your girl in a fancy dress with a full skirt, but pick an ensemble that complements the bride’s look rather than mimics it exactly, says Chertoff. “A white dress for her is great, but avoid a tiara or other headpiece that makes her look like a mini-me.” Another fitting option is to pick a dress that coordinates with the bridesmaids – perhaps the same color but in a child-friendly silhouette. Look to light fabrics like organza and silk taffeta for a warm-weather event, says Chertoff.

If your soirée is outside (garden, beach, farm) or simply on the more casual side, feel free to get a little more creative. Depending on the tone of your event, a ruffled or patterned sundress with saltwater sandals or even a tutu with ballet slippers could work.

Ring Bearer Regalia

Again, start with the wedding’s formality. For a black-tie party, a little guy dressed in a tux that matches the groom and groomsmen will be adorable, says Skobel-Conyers. Just keep in mind that tuxedos can be bulky and tough to fit, so he may not be a happy camper. A simple suit (wool for winter, seersucker or linen for summer) in a matching color may be a better option, and go with a clip-on tie or bow tie that he can’t repeatedly un-knot, says Chertoff. 

For outdoor weddings, consider fun (and comfy!) combinations like blue seersucker knickers, a white dress shirt, knee-high socks and light blue suspenders, says Skobel-Conyers. Or for even more casual celebrations, try a linen shirt with rolled-up sleeves, khaki shorts and a cute cap.

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